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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Minnesota!

Happy Mother's Day!
Kirstin all dressed up for church this morning. She's too cute.
Okay, so today doesn't happen to be just Mother's Day or Minnesota's 150th birthday (I love the word sesquicentennial, by the way). It's both. And that's cool. At least to me.

So go mothers, and go Minnesota.

Here ends the public service announcement.

In other random bits of news, things have been busy (as per the usual) over the last several days. I have, however, taken some time to do nothing but sit down which, until very recently, seemed a nearly impossible thing to do. So that's been kinda nice.

I took the opportunity on Friday evening to change the oil in all of the random equipment with small engines. Both lawnmowers, the powerwasher, and of course, the tiller. While I was at it, I continued to try getting the carburetor cleaned up and unplugged. Something at which I failed. Well, not completely, but in the repeated attempts to clean it out, some of the seals and gaskets have deteriorated to the point of needing replacement.

So the tiller still doesn't operate, but I am still one step closer to getting it back into operation. I just need to make a few calls and track down someone that can get me some replacement parts (and/or industrial-strength cleaner to dissolve the gunk plugging it up).

This just acts as a reminder to anyone with gas engines around that haven't been used for a while -- either empty out the fuel system, add some sort of stabilizing chemical, or periodically keep things running. Don't let three years pass without some operating time.

At any rate, I can't really complain too much. I did get the tiller for $150, which is quite literally a steal, considering the condition in which it is (more or less brand new).

Seeing as how Saturday was pretty much a washout, I took the time to install the R/O water treatment system. Since we have water pressure which is at the low end of what the system requires for operation, it takes a long(er) time to work, but having tried the results tonight for the first time, it should be a welcome addition.

Besides, the water pressure thing is on my list of things to change (when I run new water line through the house (increasing from 3/4" to 1" where it's currently being reduced (from 1" to 3/4") and installing a new pressure tank and switch (a 60/40 switch instead of the current 50/30).

One of my many basement-related projects for this summer. It should be great. I hope to have an awesome functional basement all ready to go in a few months' time. Given the difficulty I had in finding my main wrench set this weekend, it can't come soon enough...

So I leave you with not only a quote tonight, but an interesting alliteration of mine from this morning: "Hey, a broken bottle of Beck's!"

Until next time...
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)


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