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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Week Passes

Felix was hanging out on the toy box just before Beth and I went to bed.
As another week draws to a close, I'm reminded of the many things that I never seem to get accomplished on my never-ending list of things to do. Now if that's not an overly negative way to start a post, I don't know what is.

It's not that I'm bothered by it, really. It would just be nice to make some progress on some of those loose ends that are out there. Instead, I feel like hibernating (but it's been cold and rainy the last few days which likely has something to do with that). At any rate, I have made some progress in one of the random projects that I've been intending to complete before the memory gets too foggy.

I've been adding bits to the epic journey map; the object is to pinpoint specific places we visited and (potentially) the route we used to get there. We'll see about the latter, but the former is certainly easy enough to do. To date, I'm up to just about our arrival at Nashville. I've not yet geotagged any pictures from the journey, but that's much easier to do (for me) than the plotting thing.

That's really all that's incredibly new around here. Last week was particularly busy, so by the time Friday evening rolled around it was time to sit down and watch a movie. That happened to be Songwriter.

Seeing as how we were just in Nashville and all. It was a good time, and I love some of the songs/bits in the movie. Good times for sure.

And wrapping up the weekend brought a viewing of Chicago, which was the alternate title to watch on Friday night. Here again, love the movie, love the music. Good times for sure. :)

So I now wait for the 10PM news to come on, which was of course preempted by a football game or something else similarly silly. We're now 30 minutes after ten; we'll see what happens.

I'm thinking of simply heading to bed and hoping to catch the weather before I fall asleep. And hopefully I get some more stuff done this week that moves me to write about the adventure. :)

Until then...
"Dancing is silent poetry."
- Simonides (556-468bc)
I never was good at poetry...


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