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Friday, December 12, 2008

And Along Comes Christmas!

I know I was being an annoyance to him, but I was just returning the favor.
So I've been really horrible. The last post was the day before halloween?!?!

Where did the month of November (and nearly half of December) go? These are important questions. I want my month back!

In all honesty, I have barely been able to keep up with my 'at home' email and newsletters. Truth be told, I actually deleted a bunch of them unread after I decided an attempt at catching up would be an act of futility on a grand scale...

I've managed to stay busy as of late. Even managed to win the photo frame for November's Picture of the Day thing at KMRS/KKOK, which was cool. Anyone can submit a picture of the day; only the talented really win the monthly award. Or just randomly lucky...

As I sit here and write a few words before I go to bed on the Friday before an apparent blizzard (Sunday) is to strike, I try thinking of the things that have kept me busy over the last month. And I fail to do that, much like I fail to think of things I would like for Christmas. Both of these things cause much angst. I think I should become a hermit. :)

On another topic, I admire the unique nature of Facebook. When I first 'joined' as it were somewhere in the last nine months or so, I figured I'd be a bit old for that crowd. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, this is quite not the case. And it's been a really good thing to randomly catch up with people...many of whom I've not seen or heard from in several years. And it's one hell of a time-waster; another reason I've not likely felt the need to ramble on here (although I think it's more a contributing factor as opposed to true reason).

I noticed tonight that I've uploaded image number 7,400 to Flickr. Seventy-four hundred. That's a crazy big number. And it only grows. The 13,000th image with the XTi was taken the other day (since March 13, 2008). Not too shabby, least if you ask me.

But at any rate, I'm heading for bed now. So until next time...hopefully not after Christmas!
"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."
- Paul Erdos (1913-1996)


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